Camilla Webster’s new show Flower Power exploring female conscience, identity and desire will be on exhibit during Miami Art Week at an exclusive invitation only event at The Edition Hotel’s Penthouse on December 5th 6-8p for an opening reception and drinks, and Dec 6th from 11-2pm for a champagne brunch.

About Flower Power:

“I want my paintings to remind women that it’s essential that we identify and honor our inherent power. Our power is the sustenance required to have successful relationships with ourselves, our community, and our world.” Camilla Webster

With so much contemporary art marketing shock value, Webster has purposefully gone in the opposite direction as a sign of respect for the feminine.  The faces inspired by print ads were chosen to make a commentary on our lens, our perception of women, our experience of femininity, edited and curated by fashion.

Each painting has a power, portrait and flower in its composition. The flower meanings reflect Webster’s nod to her British heritage and the Victorian garden. Flowers were once used to send messages between lovers. Webster integrates these garden blooms to achieve the same ends. The ballerina geranium (envy) in The Power of Envy, the rose (love) in The Power of Self Love, the tulip (fame) in the The Power of Fame, the sunflower (pride) in The Power of Pride, the snowdrop (hope) in the Power of Hope, the lotus flower (compassion) in the Power of Compassion.

Webster has painted work in acrylic on canvas that reflects challenges she has experienced in her own life and that she feels are a common experience for many women. “I have loved and been forbidden from showing it, I have loved everyone first, but myself. I have been filled with self-hatred and had to learn compassion. I have taken the journey of forgiving my enemy to free myself from the burden of resentment.” All of this shows up in her paintings and frequently moves her audience to tears.

Taking in the Women’s March, watching women courageously speak their truth and take action this year inspired her series, “Flower Power.” “I wanted to express all of the powers we possess as women,” she says. “Some considered more uniquely a sign of feminine strength, like the power of compassion. Some negatively associated with the weakness of women in traditional environments, like the power of envy. I wanted to reflect on all of it and turn it on its head.”